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about her sexuality

“In Western music, most of the sweet 
female singers are sexy, 
and most of the intelligent deep female 
singer- songwriters, are trying hard not to be sexy, 
as if it might cloud their intelligent image.
Well, why not start a new era and be both?
First, I'm a woman, a very substantial 
part of my character, which has many beautiful 
delicate sides to it.
Second, writing about intimate feminine situations
could cast light on the angles of a woman's soul to her mate.

about her lyrics

“My songs are dramatic. They express extreme feelings.
I write about relationships, sex, identity, the meaning of life, death and everything in-between. (check on Leela's mind )
It is important for me to reveal layers of defense and talk about things people are trying to bury, though they still exist in everyone of us.
My wish is to legitimize those hidden feelings. It’s like giving someone a warm hug and saying “it’s OK to be human and feel scared sometimes, or confused, or angry or passionate or to get in touch with our sexuality”.
When it comes to sexuality, we often face the difficulty of telling the difference between lust and love, and even when we can tell it, we sometimes stop ourselves from going with the flow of passion just because of our fears. Considering life is short, I think we should take another look into it….

When it comes to Love, I try to deal with the less obvious angles of it.
I’m in a constant search for the formula to the Perfect Combination, (hence the title of my new album) between pure-non cynical love and keeping our own individuality and independence without fearing the loss of control. That’s a tricky one, isn’t it?
If you need me, I’ll be at the lab…”


about her stage performance

“It´s so very important for me to dedicate myself
to my stage performances.
The big flame is always in my heart and body and never fades.
I’m very comfortable on stage, maybe even more so than anywhere else, as if I were born there.
However, a concert is always challenging.
You have to manage many things at the same time.
Mainly, you have to check the pulse and feel of the audience.
A concert for me is actually therapeutic. Like a mutual treatment: I get a lot from my audience, and try to give them an exciting experience in return.”

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