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The name is Lilach En-Habar (aka Leela .
Leela is a singer-songwriter-performer-dancer.

Leela writes all her own material, music and lyrics, and puts great emphasis on backing vocal arrangements, which she normally performs on recordings herself.
Leela's lyrics are very poignant while at the same time her appearance on stage is very sexy. She doesn’t think it should be one or the other,(see feelings about her art)

Leela's main instrument is the piano. She also plays the baroque recorder and the guitar (classic & acoustic). Leela is a professional dancer too.

Leela has performed numerous times around the world, including London, Italy, Spain, the USA, Canada, and Israel in different venues and events.
Some very special performances were for example in 2004 in New Jersey, were Leela performed at the Stone Pony (Bruce Springsteen’s home club) at the Great Bamboozle festival.

In London during 2000 while recording, Leela performed in one of the central branches of  Borders as well as in some private events.

In Israel she performed at the “Shades in Dance Festival” at the prestigious Suzanne Dellal center for Dance & Theatre in 1999 and in the same year at the Tel-Aviv “Female Artists Festival”, and also at the Israeli Parliament in Jerusalem, as well as in all of the hyped performing clubs such as Kamelot, Tmuna, Hasimta Theatre, Jah-Pan, Beit-Lessin, Tsavta, Tel- Aviv Museum, Z.O.A. House and others.

According to Noa (Achinoam Nini www.noasmusic.com):

“I find Leela to be extremely talented, charismatic and energetic. Her stage show is emotional and original, as is her music. In her songwriting she reflects an interesting fusion of the modern west and the grass-roots east”.
read Noa's letter about Leela.

She has extensive studio experience as a performer as well as a producer, in London, in Israel and in Germany.

Leela's self-productions and discography

Till the Next Man was her first album, recorded independently in 1997. the main single by the same title was played on the radio for a while, but considered to be too blunt for it’s sexual details and was soon to be shut up.

The Upsidedown album (2000) was recorded both in Israel and in London once in Hebrew and once in English. It includes 12 live musicians under Leela's musical production.
Upsidedown is a Funky-Rock album that features songs touching a vast spectrum of feelings and issues. Some have funny & sexy lyrics as in the song Ain’t Got Time while others have deep strong lyrics such as in I Might Lose My Mind, or in Grandpa – that was reproduced in 2009  for the album My Naked Ballads
In 2002 Leela's singles Butterfly and So Low were released in their Hebrew version (Haparpar and Kol-kach Namuch). So Low  that was later reproduced to its piano version for My Naked Ballads deals with the lowest bottom of depths in relationships while Butterfly deals with the complete opposite, the airy lightness of them.

In 2005 Leela went back to the studio to record the EP Perfect Combination
that uniquely blends Western music with some spicy trills and exotic  Eastern instruments. Track four in the EP called What’s in it 4 me- a feminine protest songs was released also in the Miscollection vol.1

E-mail, the third track on Perfect Combination, is especially poignant, giving us an insight into an original exchange of e-mails between Leela and her good friend Joe in London, expressing fears about the daily terrorist threat that hangs over all our heads in our global village into a thought provoking and mesmerizing song.

The song was played on various radio stations and reached a special interview by Yael Dan on GALAZ radio.

Leela was invited to perform E-mail on the well known Gidi Gov’s Laila Gov Night Show on national TV, but refused the condition of translating it into Hebrew since she thought it would be pointless to touch an authentic document like that correspondence was.
By that she denied the TV invitation but stuck loyal to her own creation.

In 2009 Leela recorded the EP My Naked Ballads, an ‘unplugged’ production featuring deeply emotionally sung ballads (in the style of Kate bush, Tori Amos) and accompanied by her own piano and a Baroque recorder.

Leela’s musical associates
in Europe

Leela is an independent artist who usually produces most of her own material except for some interesting collaborations.

In 2000 she worked with Ian Shaw, a London-based producer who has worked with important artists such as Mark Owen (Take That), Primal Scream, Roachford, Super Furry Animals and Robbie Williams, as well as major record labels such as EMI, Sony, Island Records and Arista.

Leela also worked with the London-based producer, Joe Leach who has worked with top artists such as Jamie Cullum, Charlotte Church, Terry Venables and others.

At the same time, the Italian DJ Luca Ricci approached Leela to produce a remix of one of her songs called Zman in collaboration with DJ Castiniano Padovano aka Funky Junction (Manifesto Records, Hooj Tuens, Avex Records). The production was later released with great success in Italy.

In October 2005 Leela was selected to perform and display a presentation of her music and creation In Popkomm music conference, in Berlin.

In November 2005, she was invited to Germany to record several of her songs together with producer Michael Voss who was responsible for recording and producing artists like Don Airey, Shania Twain, Susanna Hoffs (Bangles), The
Eels, Belinda Carlisle.

 In October 2006 Leela was invited by producer Nami Starck aka Namistyle (http://www.myspace.com/namistyle) to work together on a Radio Convention in Berlin, where a group of musicians, representing different countries, worked together on a special production of a EuroTrack. Leela represented Israel and sang her own Hebrew lyrics she wrote especially for the occasion.

Leela’s musical associates in Israel

Leela created her self-produced albums with some of Israel’s top musicians such as:
Lior Tevet, Sound Engineer and Producer - winner of the Golden Feather for producer of the year,1996 who worked with Shlomo Artzi , Aviv Geffen, Rita, Ofra Haza.
Dudush Klemes – keyboardist of Hadag Nahash.
Dudu Tassa - well known guitarist and singer-songwriter
Hemi Rudner – singer-songwriter and the leader of the Eifo Hayeled band.
In 2001 Leela was invited by Hemi Rudner to record a duo with him for his album Melancholia My Love and also to sing the backing vocals for his single by the same title, which later became a very big hit (2002).

In April 2007, Leela has been started collaborating with the Israeli producer Guy Lichtental, who is the man behind the most successful Israeli teen-pop-star Roni, and the Israeli diva Shiri Maimon. They worked on a special track that goes the direction of Portishead meets Evanescence.
Leela also has written the lyrics and music to several songs for a new upcoming teen star, produced by Guy Lichtental.

On the winter of 2009 Leela contributed her voice for backing vocals to Dori Ben-Ze’ev’s single called Havhava Song from his upcoming album The New Record, lyrics by Yankale Rotblit, music and production by Nathan Cohen of  The Pure Souls.

Leela's associates in the film industry in Israel

 Leela collaborated with Michal Bat-Adam, Film Director / Actress, and sang the soundtrack for the film Love at second sight
Worked with Film Director Eitan Fox (Walking on Water,Yossi and Gagger, The Bubble), when chosen as a professional dancer on the film Gotta Have Heart.
Participated in ILan Shushan's film How to Hit on a Girl and Survive, as an interviewee.

Leela's voice-over for cartoons

Leela has studied acting with some of the best acting teachers/directors in Israel and has been doing voice-overs for cartoons on Israeli National TV, cables and computer games such as the sound- track for TV series Letters from Felix, and voice over for TV series Connie the Cow, for Computer game Put Put Joins the Circus, for Compedia’s Creativity Challenge Game, a Meditation CD for American Airlines and more.




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