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My mind…

I'd like to tell you how living under constant  terror may help you rediscover your Inner child.

Our Inner child is where our feelings live, where our true sense and awareness of destiny is nurtured.

Let me start by telling you about my Inner child. I believe every one of you has one too, so you'll know what I'm talking about.

Our Inner child is always there, but we  don't notice it when we're kids, and tend to abandon it when we're grown ups.

My Inner child always knew the purpose of her existence, as Inner children always do. She wanted to surround herself with music in every possible way since day one. 

She was attracted to many different kinds of music and rhythms and she didn't even realize how strange it was for so young a child to pick up Jazz albums along with some Country albums as well as some African music albums and even some Classical ones when at the music store with her grandpa, choosing her birthday present herself.

It all came very naturally to her until grown ups started to “ explain ” by categorizing everything for her, like they always do. (Grownups = people who have neglected their Inner child for a very long time)

That child used to sneak into her mom's wardrobe and honor every number she played for the guests in the living room, with a different matching outfit.

She just had to dance in her granny's backyard and sing in front of the mirror holding a hairbrush for a microphone, though granny wasn't very happy about that.

That child started writing songs at the age of 8. After grabbing the recorder she played for 2 years everywhere she'd go (driving everyone nuts!) she begged for piano lessons so that she would have her mouth free to sing, and she wanted that so badly that she pushed through the first 2 years without even having an actual piano at home, practicing at different neighbors places everyday.


That inner child always knew she wanted to be a musician, until grown ups told her to

Get a real job!!!

So she put the dream aside and started to live the gray “safe” unsatisfied ordinary dreamless life that was expected of her.

One morning she had to run some errands for her boss before coming to work and so she didn't take the bus she'd normally take from her home.

That bus was blown up by a suicide bomber at the same time she would normally be riding it and at the same station she would usually get off.

It was shocking.

I will not go any further with this story, but I'll just say this –

That day she realized that she had to get back to her music dream because life is too short , and nothing can give you real security . She taught me that, and now I understand:

There isn't any gray job and dreamless life that can really save you.

You never know how long your journey is, but it's in your own hands
to make the journey colorful.

Stop suppressing your Inner child's needs and wishes.

Your Inner child knows what you really need, what makes you happy, what could make your journey here most pleasurable and satisfactory.

It is never too late. Don't find such excuses for not living your dream.

Some people may think you are crazy , and even tell you so, but  your Inner children know best. they have no boundaries in their mind. They can expand their thoughts and ideas with no limits, and as you know, every real action starts with an idea, so let them grow .

Just imagine if everyone were living a fulfilling satisfying life…. I'm sure the world would be a better place to live in.

This is the music of my mind



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